8th Grade ELAR

Same great kit in a PDF file.  


Just print, laminate, cut-out and it is ready to go!*


The 8th Grade ELAR kit comes with 10 clues, based on each of the following TEKS:


  • Punctuation - 8(10)(D)vi
  • Inferencing (Metaphors and Personification) - 8(9)(D)
  • Poetic Forms - 8(8)(B)
  • Prefix and Suffix Meanings - 8(2)(C)
  • Literary Themes - 8(9)(A)
  • Grammar and Spelling - 8(10)(D)
  • Literary Devices - 8(9)(E)
  • Identifying Prefixes and Suffixes - 8(2)(C)
  • Thesis Writing - 8(8)(D)i
  • Characterization through Dialogue - 8(7)(A)


*NOTE: Our Basic and Premium Kits comes with all materials printed, laminated and cut to size for simple setup of your escape room. This digital download requires FRONT-TO-BACK printing on the long-edge and the clue cards cut to size before escape room can be setup!

8th Grade ELAR

  • The Escape Classrooms escape room kit includes 10 clues and supporting props to successfully facilitate an escape room experience.  The included instruction manual provides Set-up Instructions, Rules of the Game, an Escape Scenario, and Blueprints on how to solve each clue.  All clues and props will need to be printed on cardstock and laminated to allow for use with erasable markers.


    *NOTE: Our escape rooms require the use of 10 lockable objects and 10 programmable combination locks to secure the clue cards within.