10 Standard Tested clues in every kit!

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What is an Escape Room Kit?


Each Escape Classrooms™ kit includes an instruction manual, 10 clues and supporting props to successfully facilitate an escape room experience  in any classroom.  We have a total of 24 kits for grades 3 – 8.  Each clue represents an important state educational standard that is included in your curriculum.


The instruction manual provides:

  • Set-up Instructions

  • Rules of the Game

  • Escape Scenario

  • Blueprints on how to solve each clue

Clues and Props are printed on cardstock with 3.4 mil lamination for use with erasable markers and to endure many uses.

NOTE: Our escape rooms require the use of 10 lockable objects and 10 programmable combination locks to secure the clue cards within.

Our Premium Kits include 10 boxes and 10 pre-set locks to ensure a simple setup of your escape room.

Our Digital Kits require the printing, cutting and laminating (if preferred) of the clues and props before use.

About Escape Rooms

What are Escape Rooms?

Escape rooms are live-action, team-based games where players discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to achieve a specific goal (usually escaping from the room) in a limited amount of time (usually one hour).  Players must be observant and use their critical thinking skills to escape.

Why They Work!

Escape rooms are the fastest growing entertainment venues in the country and are enjoyed by friends, families, co-workers, clubs, teams, youth groups and many more.  They also promote strong team-building. When students engage in an escape room challenge, they learn by using critical and lateral thinking in a team environment. 

Higher Test Scores

Escape rooms make learning fun and helps students better understand the curriculum.  They are immersed in the challenge, making them more focused on the subject.  It also teaches them how to be more creative, more observant, more more attentive, more determined and more communicative.  All of this leads to better retention and higher test scores.

Heather McCullin

"My kids had a lot of fun and the questions presented were right on target for what they have been learning in the classroom. It was cool to see their eyes light up when they figured something out or knew the content of the question asked. We had a lot of fun!"

4/5th Grade Teacher, Innovation Academy


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Our Escape Rooms

10 Standard Tested clues  in each kit:






3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Grades

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